Photo Facts


A lens suited for the SLR camera that creates soft edges.

And What Shall I Wear To Have My Picture Taken, You Ask?

  1. If you are having your picture taken with another person, keep it different for interest. Consider not wearing all the same thing!
  2. Consider your back drop when having your picture taken. For example: You don’t want to be wearing a striped shirt standing in front of a row of bricks. (that would be to much of the same thing, and besides people would find to look for you).
  3. Bring a couple of different outfits to change into. Your sure to have one to please!!
  4. Have fun!!

Look For THe Excitement

But Watch Out!

1, Want something different?. First, and foremost, make sure the pathway is clear (preferably done outside), have a child run towards you, Click, take a picture. The child would stop just before approaching you.

In The Moment!

When people are engaging together in thoughtful conversation, or play (try to resist the urge to interfere, by taking their picture). Interference will hinder that special moment or memory!


A Word About Selfies:

Try considering your feet as a Selfie. Yes, next time you go to a ball game take a picture of your feet with the ball game showing in the background. It is a relaxed approach!

Try taking a selfie with both hands involved. This will deliver a different approach.

A Photogenic Person:

  1. This person will appear comfortable, confident, & relaxed.
  2. Practice makes perfect!. Try suitable poses in front of a full length mirror.
  3. Size matters in a group setting. For example, if you stand closest to the camera, you will appear larger. Pose yourself on an equal row with your group.

Show Your True Angles!

When shooting portrait photos, look for pleasing angles. Stand up nice and straight. Tilt your chin a little, and elongate your neck. Turn at your waist!

Go Ahead Make Mistakes!

Take lots of pictures, look at them after, and learn what you would like to do differently, perhaps  another angle, add more or less lighting, try a different camera setting.

Look At Me!

Color can draw your eye to the subject. For example suppose a person is wearing a bright color walking a dog in the forest. The bright color will be noticed as being important. Also, note a little bit of color can add PIZAZZ to your otherwise monotonous photo.

Here Is A Fun Exercise.

Find a chaotic scene, Now try to simplify the picture setting, by taking away the clutter. Adjust the lighting if ned be.

To Eliminate The Raccoon Appearance ~

Raccoon eyes effect (dark shadows under the eyes) just tilt the chin upwards.

Photography Is A Form Of Communication.

 Traveling Tips With Your Camera Gear ~

  1. Pelican cases are geat for traveling. They are waterproof.
  2. Resort to bringing your old camera case. Opportunists are looking for bright, flashy colors to attract them.
  3. “The Buddy System”. Have a friend be on the “look out” for your camera gear.
  4. Before your trip write down the serial and model numbers of your gear.


Experiment With A Flashlight for Extra Lighting In A Dark Area.

Fall is a Great Time To Take Pictures.

  1. The ever presence of mums, colorful leaves, pumpkins, cornstalks, & pumpkin carving!
  2. Don’t forget about your overcast days, when colors appear more vivid. Color is not washed out by the suns strength (weakening the vibrancy of color).
  3. Be creative. Have fun. Remember while you are raking the leaf piles. Leaf piles make great fall pictures with children and pets!
  4. Look for reflective leaf color in nearby pounds or lakes.


Leading Lines ~

Don’t always have to be lines, or paths leading you into the picture. It can be light.

Anticipate a moment ~

Look around. Be aware. Think a photo opportunity thru in your mind even before it happens.

Opportunities Abound. Make The Picture Come To Life ~

Could it be that the scenery you are interested in (For example: Be it a field of flowers) needs a little something extra. Try some patience first. Then think about your options. Perhaps the sky needs to lighten, or darken more. Will a relative be willing to pose, or play in the flower field?? Always, ask yourself these questions. Then go-ahead and have some fun!

The Next Time You Air Travel, Keep This In Mind ~

Do Not Expose Your Film To X-Ray Machines.

X-ray machines can damage your film displaying a fog on your images.  X-Rays act like light on film.

A Weighty Solution ~ 

Observe your surroundings, next time you take a picture. Check your subject area for balance. Ask yourself does one side of the picture have more visual objects than the other side? Will this picture that I am taking look pleasing to look at?

A Good Practice Exercise With Light~

Start out taking pictures in black and white. It is easier to explore different light options in black and white (artificial, or natural) than in color. Color can be distracting.


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