Deborah’s Bio


Deborah is originally from Milford, CT, and has been a resident of NH since 1990. She is an artist and has an appreciation for realism and enjoys photography.

She chooses to work in a bold realistic, traditional style with a primary focus on the acrylic medium painting. Some call her work photo realism making people wonder if it is a framed photograph. People ask her “Is this really a painting”?

Deborah believes that this medium offers her an effective means of expressing how she feels about her subject matter. She prefers to depict nature as she sees it.  She is very aware of her surroundings and always looking out for something new of interest.

She studied fine art at Housatonic Community College and continues to make her art included in her everyday life. Her work has been published. She has exhibited her paintings through the Keene Art Association.

Deborah sells her photography, and paintings. She is available for special assignments. Contact Deborah to buy or for permission to use photos in magazine, in other print media or for web use. You may also contact Deborah to discuss projects.